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WardenMs. Amrapali Mishra


SESSION 2019-20


“It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it.” – Joseph Joubert
The new session embarked with the phenomenal Inter–House Debate Competition, organised by Aryabhatta House on April 30th , 2019 in the school auditorium. The event was graced with the presence of respected Academic Director – Ms Pratibha Sharma, Vice Principal- Ms Ruchi Sharma, Headmistress – Ms Ishita Mishra.

A debate is one of the academic activities that gives the students creative room to express what they feel. The school organizes such competitions for students in order to motivate them to overcome stage fear and showcase their talents.

Debaters from each house debated excellently in favour and against the motion. There were four categories ranging from Class VII – XI. Each category had different topics. The audience applauded each one of them as they kept forth their arguments with great confidence and aplomb. The participants were judged on content, expression and fluency. Tagore House won the competition, followed by Aryabhatta House and Shankaracharya House, both at the second position.  It was an erudite experience for both, the participants as well as the audience.

Date: 30.04.2019

SESSION 2018-19


Aryabhatta House conducted a Special Assembly on 25th August 2018. The main idea behind this assembly was to induce a feeling of patriotism in the students. Assembly began with the invocation of God followed by Thought of the Day, News Headlines and a Mono Act depicting the emotions on one of the most devastating acts against Indians – Jalianwala Bagh Massacre. Thereafter, a patriotic song was sung by the School Choir to salute our real heroes. It was followed by a Solo Kathak dance which represented post-independence euphoria. In the end, boys from Class IV and V performed a Pongal dance to exhibit reverence for the Indian culture. All the students were appreciated and applauded for their heart winning performances. It filled the heart of the students with the feeling of patriotism and love for the country. 

The assembly was concluded with a soulful singing of National Anthem.

SESSION 2017-18



An Inter-House competition –‘Express Your Views ‘was organized by Aryabhatta House on 28th July for the students of Classes IV and V. Six students from each house were selected to speak on a variety of pre-selected topics like ‘Money can’t buy happiness’, ‘Character building is nation building’, ‘Today’s technology- boon or bane’ and ‘ Should textbooks be replaced by tablets’. All the students were quite confident and they eloquently expressed their views on the different topics. The judges were impressed to see the enthusiasm and conviction of our young learners.


 1. Ridhima Gaba TAGORE FIRST
 2. Chahat Dugar TAGORE SECOND
 4. Yashika Sehgal PATEL THIRD
 5. Kaustabh Dogra PATEL THIRD



 1. Prisha Jaggi PATEL FIRST
 2. Archit Aggarwal TAGORE SECOND
 4. Shreshtha Gupta ARYABHATTA SECOND
 5. Khushi Talwar TAGORE THIRD


Class : IV – V
Dated: 28.07.2017

SESSION 2015-16

DateClassActivity Name
  22.04.2015  II


  22.04.2015  I


  20.04.2015  VI – VIII


  18.04.2015  VIII



“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”
-Mahatma Gandhi

A special assembly was organised by Aryabhatta House on 28th April, 2015. The assembly commenced with a thought provoking quotation given by Mahatma Gandhi. The theme of the assembly was ‘Earth Day’ as it is essential to celebrate ‘Earth Day’ to highlight the significance of conserving planet earth.

The assembly commenced with a beautiful self-composed poem recited by Ishika Goel, titled ‘Save Our Earth’ which focussed on the need of protecting our Earth from further degradation. It was followed by a didactic presentation of an old story about Amrita Devi Bishnoi in the form of an awe-inspiring skit by the students. Amrita Devi Bishnoi who sacrificed her life along with her three daughters viz. Asu, Ratni and Bhagu in year 1730 to save green trees being felled by the Maharaja of Jodhpur at a place known as Khejarli in Marwar, Rajasthan. More than 363 other Bishnois, died saving the Khejri trees along with her. Though the story is around 200 years old but it still holds relevance in the contemporary world. This skit emphasised on the role of individuals as the harbinger of change. The assembly concluded with a thought provoking message and the students taking a pledge to safeguard Mother Nature.

The assembly was a great success as it was well presented and the message seemed to reach the audience. The students thoroughly enjoyed the assembly and hopefully will contribute for the welfare of the environment.




“Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotions recollected in tranquility.”
― William Wordsworth

Humor is the tendency to provoke laughter and provide amusement. In ancient Sanskrit drama, Bharat Muni’s Natya Shastra defined humor as one of the nava rasas.  Following the same tradition, an Inter-House Humorous Poetry Recitation Competition was organized by Aryabhatta House on 24th April 2015 for the students of classes VI to XII in the school auditorium. The competition was organized to develop an interest and inclination for poetry among the students.

Director Sir along with Academic Director Ma’am graced the occasion with their presence and gave their hearty consent to become the members of the jury along with Principal Sir and Vice-Principal Ma’am. The participants very confidently and in a convincing manner recited their humorous poems in front of the jury and the audience. It was clearly visible that all the participants were well prepared and gave a very tough competition to each other.

The judges were stirred by the conviction, right facial expressions, voice modulation, rhythm, diction and gestures of these young participants while reciting their poems. The students demonstrated that they possess appreciable oratorical skills. The students chose a variety of topic to present their views in the form of a humorous poem.
The judges were overwhelmed and greatly impressed by the efforts of these young learners and they appreciated and applauded their performance. Even the students sitting as audience really enjoyed and appreciated the poems recited by the participants. In junior category, Animesh Mani Tripathi  (class 8thC) of Tagore House won the First position , Chaitanya Batra  (class 8th B ) of Patel House bagged the Second position , Anuj Bose (class 6th D)  of Shankaracharya House along with Anshika Singhal  (class 8th A ) of Aryabhatta House won the Third position . In senior category, Poonam Aggarwal (class XIIth B) of Shankaracharya House won the First position, Archit Malhotra (class Xth C)   of Aryabhatta house.

 won the Second position and Shashank Aggarwal (class Xth C) of tagore house bagged the Third position. Certificate of merit were awarded to all the winners by the esteemed jury. The competition concluded with an impelling and motivating speech by the Academic Director Ma’am to encourage all the students to participate in such healthy competitions.





Eco friendly activities play an important role in creating environmental awareness amongst the future generation. Keeping this objective in mind Best out Of Waste Competition was organized for Class-II on 22ndApril’ 2015. Students enthusiastically participated in this. They used various waste material for this purpose like old newspaper, paper plates, spoons, disposable glass, plastic bottles etc. The outcome was beautiful in the form of pen stands, magazine holders, wall hangings and so on. This activity made the vision and outlook of students broader about the nature and society; helping the society in conserving our nature. Through this craft work students learned recycling and reusing of the waste material which can result in development of fantastic and usable products. Rather than putting these waste materials into the landfills, various innovative ideas can be put together to create something new and useful.It enabled them to give their creativity and innovation a shape.



Earth day is an annual event, celebrated on April 22. On this day worldwide events are held to demonstrate support for environment protection.

In order to promote the idea of ecology and to encourage the respect for life on Earth, BOOKMARKMAKINGACTIVITY was conducted on 22.04.15 for students of class 1. Students were encouraged to start in a small way planting saplings.The students made beautiful bookmarks and wrote slogans on SAVE EARTH. They enjoyed the activity a lot.




Poster making competition was held on 20th April 2015 for classes VI to VII. The idea behind the same was to create awareness among the learners about malaria and its causes which spread by mosquitoes.

Student exhibited their enthusiasm by designing posters conveying the message of the prevention of the disease. Even some of the posters reflected method to combat malaria.  Creativity and scientific awareness of the student was reflected through posters.




Poster making activity on ‘RESOURCE CONSERVATION’ was conducted for classes VIII B and VIII C on 18th April, 2015. Students showed enthusiasm through various posters. They expressed the theme in a very creative and innovative manner. The activity was conducted to develop awareness and appreciation towards judicious use of resources for Sustainable Development. It was an enriching experience for them.




SESSION 2014-15



“Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbours, and Let each new year find you a better man.”                                     
                                                                                              –Benjamin Franklin

A special assembly was organized by Aryabhatta house on 30th December, 2014. The assembly started with a thought provoking quotation. Which clearly promotes the idea of peace and harmony. The main theme of the assembly was ‘fate vs faith’-which one is more crucial in an individuals’ life. To stress more on this, the students of Aryabhatta house presented a poem-cum-skit which emphasized on whether an individual should believe on one’s fate or have faith in himself. It was followed by a humorous ‘cookery show’ which presented a recipe for a “Happy New Year”. The assembly concluded with a thought provoking new year message and certain new year resolutions.

The assembly was a great success as it served its purpose well. The students thoroughly enjoyed the assembly and they will certainly try to implement the implied message in their life.




To sow the seeds of kindness and  charity , a donation camp was organised at the school on 24th December 2014.Students donated  food items and toiletries generously for the humble cause. The articles collected were then donated at Cheshire Homes, India on 27th Dec’2014. Students along with their teachers visited relief home. Our talented students presented dance and musical performances for the disabled. It was a delight to see a smile on everybody’s face. A heartfelt moment that would always be cherished by our students and staff.




From our little baby steps to the time when we talk about the Moon and the Mars, we have always believed that on every Christmas Santa Claus comes on his big sleigh with loads of gifts and fulfil all our wishes.

To make their wishes come true, the students of classes (III-V) participated in the activity ‘Letter to Santa’ conducted at school. Students with their pure, innocent hearts wrote about the things they clearly wished for. The wishes ranged from a cute Barbie, a remote control car to the latest i phone 6 S.The letter written by students were hanged in their respective classes. Hoping that our little ones achieve what they ever dream of their lives.
Merry Christmas




Christmas is an annual festival of Christians commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, observed on December 25. To keep up the spirit of Christmas, a Christmas tree decoration activity was organized for Class I-II on 24th December’14. A Christmas tree is a decorated tree associated with the celebration of Christmas. Children brought their trees and decorated them with various Christmas ornaments like stars, angels, bells, candles, candy canes, stockings and many more which have their significance of their own way. Active participation of children who were full of enthusiasm and zeal was very much evident. The room was filled with exuberance when children sang Christmas carol ‘Jingle Bell’. Such an Activity spreads the joy and smiles all around us, thus a true reflection of Christmas.




The deep, dark sky with twinkling lights has always been a fascination for kids as well as for the grown-ups. To explore the unknown and to learn about these mysterious celestial bodies the ASTRONOMY CLUB of the school in association with ANTRIKSH EDUCATION went for an excursion to Nehru Planetarium and the National Science Museum on Saturday, 20th December 2014. The students of Astronomy Club along with their teachers attended the Sky show at the planetarium. Astronomers from Antriksh Education explained each and every detail shown in the show. The main objective of the excursion was to explain the basic astronomical concepts to the students. The students enjoyed the show a lot. Most of their doubts and queries were answered.





MATHEMATICS- the very word brings to your mind the mystery of tables, numbers, shapes, formulas and many more things. A subject which when understood appears to be magical but when not thoroughly practised leaves you puzzled. But in current times, learning Mathematics is made easy and fun through different Lab activities, field activities and quizzes. To commemorate the birth of great Indian Mathematician Shri Srinavasa Ramanujan the students of classes III, IV and V had a Quiz contest. Every round in the Quiz included some questions based on the life of this great Mathematician.

The teams were chosen according to the four houses- Patel, Tagore, Aryabhatta and Shankracharya. Each team had four students from classes III, IV and V. The quiz had 4 rounds-

I Round- Kiddy Round had questions based on Mental Maths and Early life of Ramanujan
II Round- Encounter with Mathematics had questions based on Mental Maths and Adulthood of Ramanujan.
III Round- The Buzzer Round was entirely based on Ramanujan’s contribution.
IV Round– Rapid Fire Round had mixed questions based on Mental Maths and Ramanujan.

Children enjoyed the Quiz very much.

Our Academic Director Ms. Pratibha Sharma, Principal Sir Mr. A.P.Singh and Vice Principal Ms. Ruchi Sharma witnessed the Quiz and motivated the students a lot with their inspirational words.




Starting off on the right foot is imperative for success down the road. Just as a good day starts with a healthy breakfast a good school imbibes the values of community service in their students. We at BVM to inculcate these values in our children went to Bangla  Sahib  Gurudwara. The students voluntarily collected the day to day necessities . This imbibed the value of compassion in them. They found the service fun and rewarding as it made them feel good about themselves for volunteering for a humble cause , though small but satisfying.




It’s not just about living- it’s about living in health because a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. To emphasis upon the habit of eating healthy, the BVMites were asked to put on their plates a balanced quantity of energy giving food, protective food and body building food.

The students put pictures of various food items in the different boxes of the plate. A great show was what we saw!




Independence Day of India is celebrated throughout the country on 15th August every year with great splendor, joy and respect for Mother India. Indians dedicate this day to all those brave leaders and fighters who dedicated their lives for the freedom of our country. Different activities and programs were organized in our school on 14th August’14 to celebrate the Independence Day. The students of Class I made beautiful tricolor headgears. They wore these headgears and took a rally round of the school with slogans. The students of Class II wore T-shirt with tricolor printing on it. They wrote patriotic slogans on the pastel sheet. These activities were held to arouse the spirit of patriotism amongst our students.




‘India’ – The name which sends thousands of sensations down our spine.The feeling of unity and pride is rekindled month of August when we celebrate Independence Day once again what better way to celebrate this spirit than to have a Collage Making Competition on ‘INCREDIBLE INDIA’.The students of classes III-V were seen making beautiful collages depicting the various aspects of India- from the monuments to the dresses worn; from the freedom fighters to the mouth- watering cuisines.

All in all it was a good show put up by the young patriots. Winners for the same were chosen and awarded with certificates.




Janmashtmi, the birth-day of Lord Krishna is celebrated with great devotion and enthusiasm every year. Sri Krishna is considered as one of the most powerful incarnation of  Lord Vishnu. On the occasion of Janmashtmi, Mukut Decoration Activity was held in our school on 13th August’14 to make the cut outs of  Mukuts and there were decorated them with colourful materials. All the Mukuts were looking beautiful and were reflecting the love and devotion of the students for Lord Krishna. All the students enjoyed this activity.



Raksha bandhan is celebrated to strengthen the bond of love between brother and sister. To celebrate  Raksha Bandhan, a Gift Wrapping Competition was held for Classes (III-V). Gone are the days, when only brothers gave gifts to the sisters; now even sisters give beautiful gifts to their brothers. From simple ribbons and packing paper to intricate and beautiful net and laces; the students used it all and wrapped the gifts as the token of their love with great brilliance. Undoubtedly, this would be a special Rakhi for all our BVMites and their siblings.




Most of the festivals strengthen human relations. Raksha Bandhan is also a celebration of one such relation that of a brother and sister. It celebrates the bond of affection between brother and sister. On this day siblings pray for each other’s well being and wish for each other’s happiness.“Photo Frame Making Competition” was held in our school for the students of class I and II on 8th August’14. As frames make perfect gifts for loved ones and pictures play important role in our lives. Photo frames hold the pictures and give us an opportunity to recollect the enjoyable moments of our lives. So all the students tried to make beautiful photo frames for their siblings.They used cardboard, used marriage cards to make the frames and decorated them with stars,bindis,ribbons etc. Winners were selected by the class teachers.



“Charity and love are the same with charity you give love so don’t just give money but reach out your hand instead” On 17th Jan 2014 the students of bvm, primary section went to an orphanage home – “welfare home for children ” run by an NGO under ms Achala Khanna this was the first visit of its kind which left a lasting imprint in the heart and soul of bvm students. Visiting the orphanage is a life awakening experience and one starts appreciating the little favours that god has towed on us. The students felt  greatful / fortunate that they have been blessed with the gift of parents, which unfortunately these children don’t have. Students of primary section presented a small cultural program. They tried to mingle and make them forget the missing of life with the little once. Our little could mean the world to someone.

We should make a pledge to come forward and help these abandoned children.It was very nice to see bvm students coming together zestfully to donate for the humble cause.



Just as feathers of a peacock and jewel stone of a snake are placed at highest place of body (forehead), similarly the position of Mathematics is highest in all the branches of science. To depict that highest galore of Mathematics, a play on great mathematician Aryabhatta was staged by all BVMites of Aryabhatta House. The play commenced with depiction of the childhood of Aryabhatta , when he was in Gurukul and he was thrown out from Gurukul for his bohemian views against the superstitions and rituals prevalent that time. And how his new mindset brought the revolution in the arena of mathematics.

The play highlighted on Aryabhatta,s by highlighting his works and achievements. Introduction of Numerical Geometry, trigonometry, Concept of zero. The play emphasized his contribution in the field of science by showcasing that he was the first one to prove that sun is stationary and earth revolves around it. In the end of the play, it was expounded that initially he received huge flak for his ideologies from his adversaries, however thousands of years later, his ideas were not only accepted but they brought a revolution mathematicsal arena.

The play successfully delineated the role of Aryabhatta in the sphere of science and mathematics.



BVM celebrated Independence Day on 14th August 2013 with full enthusiasm and fervour. In order to salute the indomitable spirit of our soldiers, who responded to the call of duty and defended the country’s borders, and their families, a play on Kargil war was staged by the students of our school.  Students  portrayed through various scenes  the selfless devotion of  these brave soldiers who treated motherland more than the mother who gave them birth, but they  sacrificed their lives for the sake of security and safety of our country with utmost selflessness and dedication even in the chilly temperature which often dropped down to -48 degree Celcius. The play depicted India’s victory in the 1999 Kargil War with Pakistan. The play successfully refreshed the memory of the bloodshed during the Kargil war and aroused the spirit of patriotism in the hearts of every individual witnessing the heartwarming play.