SESSION 2023-24

“There is no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them.”

Seth Godin 


A Business Plan Competition was organised on 29th August, 2023 for the students of Class XI and XII to provide them a forum outside the classroom where they can develop skills in “pitching” their business idea. The event was committed to foster and support the Entrepreneurial essence and skills of students. A Total of 7 teams presented their business idea on stage and were appreciated by the judges for their novelty of ideas and thoroughness in preparation.The result of the event was as follows:


I Prize – Silver Wisdom Team – They presented an application that connects individuals seeking guidance and support with experienced elderly volunteers who offer caregiving and counselling services.    

II Prize – Trekkerz  – Their presentation included  a portable tent with in-built solar panels providing all essential things in the kit like foldable trekking stick, mobile charging points, portable gas stove, electric kettle etc., fulfilling all the needs of a traveller and explorer.

III Prize- Wilectrotech – They displayed a new technology which converts wind energy to electrical energy which will help to reduce the consumption of fuel that is used by air conditioners, headlights and tail lights of cars.