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SESSION 2024-2025

Reflecting Excellence: A Showcase of Language Proficiency – English Week 2024


The school celebrated the English Week ‘Reflections’ for the students of Classes I to VIII from 1st May to 15th May, 2024. An array of events was conducted with the motive of enhancing students’ confidence and competence in the English language.


An Intra-Class Spell Bee Activity marked the commencement of  the festivities on 1st May, 2024, providing students of Classes I a platform to learn spellings in diverse ways and enrich their vocabulary. Following this, a Poem Recitation Competition on 3rd May, 2024, allowed students of Class I to express themselves on themes like environmental conservation and gratitude, showcasing their linguistic prowess with awe-inspiring presentations.


On 6th May, 2024, Class II students engaged in an Intra-Class Spell Bee Activity, enhancing their vocabulary bank.  Concurrently, a Story-Telling Competition unfolded, where students narrated tales with expression and precision, adding vibrancy to the English Week celebrations.


Moving forward, On 8th May, 2024, Class III students celebrated language and expression through a Poem Recitation event, while Class IV held a Declamation Competition on 9th May. Class V joined in with another Declamation Competition on 13th May, sparking thought and reflection on diverse topics.


Classes VI to VIII culminated the English Week festivities with a series of engaging activities. A captivating Poem Recitation event on 8th May, 2024, echoed the sentiment of language’s significance, as students mesmerized the audience with their lyrical renditions. Subsequently, on 9th May, 2024, Class VII delved into profound themes through an exhilarating Declamation Competition.


Finally, on 13th May, 2024, Class VIII engaged in a thought-provoking Debate Competition, showcasing their intellect and eloquence on pressing societal issues.The week concluded with the Spell-o-Gram Inter-house Quiz on 15th May, where students of class VI to VII  showcased their linguistic skills and competed in spelling and grammar proficiency challenges.


The Academic Director and Headmistress expressed their admiration and appreciation for the English Department’s dedication and lauded the students for their outstanding performance.


SESSION 2023-2024

“Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going.”

— Rita Mae Brown


The school celebrated English Week – ‘Reflections,’ from 26th  September to 29th September 2023, with a range of activities designed to foster linguistic proficiency and ignite creativity among the students of classes IX to XI.


On September 26th, an Intra-Class Declamation contest was organised which centered around the theme of Inclusive Development. The participants showcased their oratory skills and critical thinking abilities by addressing relevant issues related to societal progress and inclusivity. The judges were impressed by the enthusiasm and conviction of our young orators.


On September 27th, an Inter-House competition called ‘Talkspire’ was held to enhance students’ speaking skills. Students from different houses eloquently expressed their views on various topics, demonstrating their proficiency in the art of public speaking.


The concluding day, September 29th, saw the literary club organizing a global activity. Students in classes VI to VIII composed their poems, while students in classes IX and XI wrote blogs and articles on assigned topics. The Academic Director and the Headmistress commended the English Department for their efforts and congratulated the students on their outstanding performances.


Results of the competitions:

Intra Class Declamation:

Junior Category


Name of the StudentClassPosition
Kaustubh DograX DI
Daksh Kumar SinghIX EII
Khushi MittalIX FII
Mannat AhujaIX CIII
Aarna RawatX BConsolation


Senior Category


Name of the StudentClassPosition
Kinjal AggarwalXI AI
Mayank FularaXI EIII
Prisha JaggiXI BIII


Inter House Competition- Talkspire


Junior Category


Name of the StudentHousePosition
Ridhima GabaTagoreI
Senior Category


Name of the StudentHousePosition



An Inter-House Spell-o-Mania was organized for the students of Classes VI to VIII on 3rd May, 2023 at BVM School.


Great zeal was witnessed among all the participants. All the students gave their best to make their house win. Tagore House was declared the winner and Patel House bagged the First Runner-up Position.


Class: VI – VIII Dated: 03.05.2023




As a part of English Week- Global Activity- Crossword- was conducted for Classes VI- VIII on 29th April, 2023 at BVM School.


Crossword puzzles are a great way to learn vocabulary, practise spelling words, and even enhance logical reasoning. It was an enriching learning experience wherein the students participated with great zeal.


Class: VI – VIII Dated: 29.04.2023



An Inter-house Poetry Recitation Competition was organized on 1st May,2023 at BVM School.


Beauty is the realm of poetry; the students of III -V classes enthusiastically participated in the competition as they got an opportunity to exhibit their talent and confidence. The participants from all the respective four houses left no stone unturned to win for their house. The young poets enthralled the audience with their articulation and memory skills while reciting poems. It was a splendid opportunity for them to gain confidence through stage exposure.


The judges appreciated and applauded the performances of the participants.


2.Mavrick ChawlaIIIFirst
3.Priyanshi AggarwalIVFirst
4.Shaura VatsIVFirst
5.Ananya JainVFirst
6.Goonj AeranIIISecond
7.Hitaksh JainIVSecond
8.Avani AggarwalIVSecond
10.Dishita ChaurasiyaVSecond
12.Vivaan BhardwajIIIThird
13.Madhav SachdevaIVThird
14.Pihu JainVThird
19.Rimsha KhanIVConsolation
20.Rabnoor KaurIVConsolation
21.Deeya BafanaVConsolation
23.Yatharth JainVConsolation
24.Riddhi SrivastavaVConsolation


Class: III – V Dated: 01.05.2023



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