International Excursion & Collaboration

International excursions give the students exposure to different cultures and perspectives. Regular collaboration takes place with multiple international Teachers, Schools and Programmes, to provide global exposure to our students. We became the first School in East Delhi to have teachers from Finland teach at our School, and have introduced a lot of pedagogies from Finland and other top Education countries in the World. Personal involvement and memories created leads to deeper understanding of the learning subject.

Finland and Japanese Style of Learning

 In this era of globalization, there is an increased interdependence between different countries for varied cultures, policies and innovations. Under this initiative, our school has collaborated  with Finland Maths which is an engaging game based learning programme and  Japanese Style learning with an objective to establish an international exchange of experience. These kinds of programmes not only provide a wider platform to the students but also help in imbibing the spirit of global citizenship. 

Apple I-Pads and Eduton

The purpose is to identify the potential of using iPad in primary as a supplement to promote conceptual understanding of mathematical concepts, solving the problems as quickly as possible and making the students skillful. 

Digital Classrooms

All classes have been converted to Digital Classrooms to enable engaging learning content and greater student involvement. 


Providing holistic education to children through the magic of sports !

Under the programme, students follow a curriculum designed to help them develop leadership and social-emotional skills, besides improving their physical fitness using sports as a medium.


It offers an educational tool for kids to think out of the box. Many times kids have ideas of what they dream to create. Robotics makes those dreams come true.

3D Printing

It allows bringing any subject matter to life as a physical aid to engage all the students, for a more extended period of time, increasing their learning and improving their problem-solving and critical thinking capabilities. It promotes learning through exploration instead of outdated methods that only focus on learning from textbooks. 

Artificial Intelligence Programme

An international programme has been introduced to enable students to study Artificial Intelligence in an International Tour and Online learning format, where students will go abroad for some period and study in India through online instructions for the other part.

3D Content and Technologies

It offer realistic access to the primary source material — the things themselves — rather than the textual observations or interpretations that make up traditional scholarly material, like books and journal articles. All real-world objects are candidates for digital reproduction and curricular integration which translates into higher student achievement across multiple disciplines & subjects.

Dedicated Multimedia Lab

Enhancing creativity through the use of latest graphics tools and working on collaborative group Capstone projects

Abacus and Vedic Maths

 To make mathematical calculations easier for the BVMites, Abacus and Vedic Maths classes are an integral part of our curriculum. These classes go a long way in building speed as well as accuracy of the learners. With the increasing dependence on digital devices, to offer children an easier way to calculate, our school encourages the method of Abacus and Vedic Math.