A Teacher is-

  • A facilitator who guides the students and encourages self–learning.
  • An open-minded person who respects the individuality of everyone and has an inclusive approach in the classroom.
  • A role model who ensures that students imbibe personality traits that make them useful contributors towards society and the country.
  • Enthusiastic, dedicated, conscientious, and highly motivated to adapt to new innovative ideas and well versed with modern education systems.

Classrooms Process includes-

  • Activity-based lessons.
  • Educational outings and excursions based on the syllabus.
  • Computer PowerPoint presentations to reinforce the lesson.
  • Audio-Visual aids such as charts, models, smart boards, slides, videos, ted talks, etc.
  • Research work and projects.
  • The teacher as a facilitator.
  • Creating an environment where self-learning takes place.
  • A Paradigm shift from ‘teaching’ to ‘learning’.