Workshops and Seminars


SESSION 2023-2024


Video Conferencing with the Gallantry Award recipients was held on 18th September 2023 by the Defence Ministry of India. More than 200 schools participated from all over India. Our school also got this opportunity to interact  with honorable recipients. It was a proud moment for us as one student of class 9th was selected to be a part of this conference. An enlightening experience for the students where they learnt so many facts about the country’s real heroes. This filled them patriotism and love for their country.


A session on developing patience was organized and conducted within the school premises by the Delhi Police, under the Student Police Cadet Programme. The students of 8th standard participated enthusiastically and got the opportunity to learn and practice patience. As a part of the session, the students were made aware of the signs of impatience, the benefits of practicing patience and ways to practice patience in life.


Date: 15 June,2023

It was a State Level Conference on Foundational Literacy & Numeracy which was in the backdrop of India’s Presidency of the G20 Organized under the aegis of CBSE. It was attended by 5 teachers from different subject teachers, school counselor and head of school. Sessions were arranged on NEP (Speaker: Mr. Abhishek Gupta), G20 (Speaker: Mr. Joseph Emanuel) & FLN (Speaker: Ms. Nisha Negi Singh). Along with it, there was a parallel competition as well organized for the students of grade 9 & 10 on the topic of “Best Out of Waste”. Overall, it was a great learning experience for the students as well as the teachers.


Date: 1 and 2, June, 2023

The social sciences department participated in the capacity building workshop in Social Sciences, organized by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The objective was to make the teaching of Social Science effective, relevant and fun. The main focus was to use varied approaches, resources and techniques and methodologies to generate interest among the students. 


Date: 29 and 30, May,2023

It is rightly said that, “Yoga is a mirror to look at ourselves from within.” Keeping in mind the numerous benefits of Yoga, a workshop for teachers was conducted by Isha Foundation, a non-profit spiritual organization founded by Sadhguru. Various asanas were demonstrated and practiced in the two-day long workshop. The teachers were encouraged to practice Yoga to remain fit and adopt Yoga in their lifestyle to promote healthy living. The session was indeed helpful for the teachers to rejuvenate and relieve stress. 


Date: 28 May,2023

Teachers of the school participated in an informative, workshop on common disabilities among school students. It was delivered by School Counselors, Ms. Arushi Kataria and Yukti Rustagi. It oriented the teachers about the signs and symptoms of the various disabilities, including learning and developmental disabilities. Largely, it made them more sensitive towards catering to children with special needs.


Date: 27 May, 2023

Bhai Parmanand Vidya Mandir School, participated in an awareness workshop on online child sexual exploitation and abuse, which is a joint initiative by Delhi High Court and Commissioner of Delhi Police. It encompassed the launch of the initiative of Cyber Awareness Interactive Videos for school students. The workshop highlighted how the widespread usage of the internet has made digital literacy the need of the hour, especially among the young children who are at potential risks and vulnerabilities. The launch of cyber awareness interactive videos provided reflections to the students, about how to navigate in the online world by undertaking essential guidelines. As a consequence students were able to gain practical tips about how to report cyber bullying, cyber stalking and other forms of online threatening and most importantly on how to safeguard them from potential online predators.


Date: 6 May, 2023


New Delhi, May 6 2023: Bhai Parmanand Vidya Mandir School Participated in organized an interactive and informative workshop on ‘CUET:Common Universities Entrance Test’ for grades 11-12. It was conducted by career coach, Mr.Nakul Shairwal who holds 9 years of experience in Career Counseling and has delivered career counseling sessions to more than three lakhs students till date. The students were appraised about the CUET syllabus, courses, universities and colleges accepting CUET, how to select the subjects, and how to prepare for the exam. Further, students were also provided with hands-on experience, with the kind of questions asked in the entrance exam as well as provided guidance on important dates for filling the entrance form. All the queries of the students were then addressed later in Q & A session.


Date: 6 May,2023

Our school participated in a workshop on Navigating Career Pathways for Gen Z organized by Global Reach and University College Dublin at Eros Hotel, Nehru Place. The workshop highlighted about the scholarship opportunities in Ireland for school students and panel discussion lead by Professor Jeremy Simpson (Dean and College Principal of Sciences, UCD), Professor Don Bredin (Finance School of Business, University College Dublin) and Mark Cuminsky (Careers and Skills Consultant, UCD) about the 21st century skills to be promoted among the students.


Date: 3 May to 15 May,2023

A series of yoga sessions were conducted for the students of classes 6th to 12th by Isha Foundation, a non-profit spiritual organization founded by Sadhguru. In these series of workshops students were oriented about the enormous benefits of Yoga and motivated the students to implement the practice of Yoga in daily routine. The students enthusiastically practiced the various asanas under the guidance of the trained volunteers of Isha Foundation.

SESSION 2019-2020



Indus Quality Foundation (IQF), promoted by a few graduates of the 1972 batch of IIT-Delhi, is a non-profit organisation. IQF is inspired by the vision that India should be among the leading nations of the world. This was also prophesied by Swami Vivekananda. As children are the future of the world, IQF began as an initiative towards advancement of education on Quality Management in schools. We are fortunate that our school has been selected by this esteemed organization to help our children grow and develop their character. During the sessions that have already taken place, the children have undertaken activities such as weaving a story, mind games etc., that have helped them to learn how to control their mind and put a ceiling on their desires. We look forward to the continuation of this program, whereby the children will have an opportunity to go for excursions wherein they will learn how to meditate and grow spiritually. They will also get a chance to visit the campus of IIT and interact with the students and gain knowledge from their experiences.
We are sure that by the end of this programme, our students will evolve as better human beings.


An informative workshop- WOW@ Work was organized for the teachers of classes nursery to eighth on 3rd July, 2019 in the school auditorium. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Surya Narain. The foremost aim of the workshop was to bring about a change in the attitude for a better and more positive life. The workshop began with warm up sessions followed by many interesting activities. The session was very informative and Mr. Surya Narain answered the queries of the teachers. He guided the teachers on self-care and told them to realize and work on the strengths of students rather than highlighting their weaknesses. He discussed the hindrances that obstruct the teaching and learning process. It was a highly fruitful workshop which not only guided the teachers on the professional front but also suggested them on how to overcome their personal challenges. Dated: 03.07.2019


Agenda: Induction of 3D Printing Technology, widespread applications, subject integration and hands-on activity on 3D Pens.


  • Powerpoint Presentation focussing on understanding the 3D Printing technology from scratch, its applications in various fields and how it can help build concepts in subjects
  • A showcase of 3D Printed models to teachers, its relevance in subjects concepts
  • Project showcase of 3Dexter students in BVM School
  • Explanation of 3D Printing Process and how to operate it
  • Hands-on activity on 3D pen
  • Feedback:

  • The workshop went well. Teachers took a special interest in understanding some of the case studies that were presented in the session. They also complimented the 3D Printing application in the medical field
  • The projects made by school students was hugely applauded by teachers, teachers were very happy and amazed to know about these projects
  • The best part was the hands-on 3D pen. All teachers participated in the activity. They made butterflies and wrote their names.
  • Conclusion:

  • Teachers have assured to discuss concepts in class which can be integrated with the 3D Lab
  • Science Teachers have asked for Biology Models that can be used for concept building in their respective models
  • Teachers have shown interest in learning the Designing Software after they had hands-on experience on the 3D Pens

Let me know if you need any other information.


A workshop was organized in the school by the Jolly Phonics team to help the teachers in devising a plan to integrate the knowledge of all the Grammar topics while teaching a particular topic at hand. It was explained to the teachers that even while reading novels and stories, the students should be motivated to look for the various parts of speech and highlight them with different colours. The resource personnel clarified how the Jolly Phonics Grammar Book serves this purpose and even strengthens the vocabulary and spelling skills of the students.
Dated: 25.05.2019

SESSION 2018-2019


Jolly Phonics workshop was organized in the school on 20th March’19 for the teachers of the English Department. After stating the three complexities of English Language, the resource personnel explained how learning can be fun. It indeed is a child-centred and fun way to learn spellings and consequently words. The resource person explained the sounds very clearly and videos were shown, too. The bottom line of the workshop was that students should not be asked to learn to read rather they should be motivated to read to learn.
Dated: 20.03.2019


A one day orientation programme for Accountancy PGTs in association with Arya Publication was organized on Saturday 7th July, 2018. The resource person for the workshop was Prof. D.K.Goel, an eminent author of various books on financial and corporate accounting. Workshop was attended by teachers from all over Delhi and NCR region.The objective of the workshop was to equip the teachers on latest changes in Accountancy. Prof. D.K.Goel also addressed the students.It was a very enriching session for the teachers as well as students.

Dated: 07.07.2018

SESSION 2017-2018


A very interesting and knowledgeable workshop was conducted by well known human resource expert Mr. Surya Narayan on the topic; “Culture of Accountability”, for the teachers of the school. The focus of the workshop was to create an understanding about the importance of taking the responsibility for one’s actions. It also emphasized on the “sense of determination and purpose” which is needed in all our endeavours. Various activities, psychometric tests and teacher trainer interactions were made in the 3 hour session which was extremely engrossing and creative.


“Our Mission, Education for Everyone. Our Passion, Striving for Excellence.” An informative, fun-filled, enlightening workshop was conducted on 26th September 2017, with the aim to motivate the teacher about effective teaching with the help of multimedia. The workshop started with a very creative introductory session followed by a discussion on one’s desires, dreams, passion and motivation. They encouraged to be optimistic and to have a positive approach about everything in life. Most importantly it was emphasized that all should love themselves and never lose confidence. The teachers were also acquainted with some realities of life, self – awareness and personal effectiveness. It emphasized the teacher to live in the present, enjoy and learn from the present leaving all stress and strain in the past and that likely to come in the future. It also discussed about leading a balancing life, take criticism in a constructive manner, compassion, about good times and difficult times. A lot of activities were organized during the workship. All the teachers participated with great enthusiasm and were asked to use theatrical action method. It was a well thought workshop for motivating the teachers to discover themselves. Overall it was inspiring, motivational, communicative and effective workshop. It was an amazing and wonderful experience for all participants.
Dated: 26.09.2017


Report on Legal Literacy Campaign

“In the state of nature…all men are born equal, but they cannot continue in this equality. Society makes them lose it, and they recover it only by the protection of the law.”

The protection of law to poor, illiterate and weak is important to ensure equal justice. Legal aid is one of the means to ensure that the opportunities for securing justice are not denied to any person by reason of poverty, illiteracy, etc.

To highlight the thought, a legal literacy campaign was organized in the school auditorium on 3rd May, 2017. It was meant to spread awareness among students of Class IX, about legal provisions guaranteed by our constitution. The resource person for the day was Dr. Pranjal Aneja, the Metropoliton Magistrate. All the students were divided into groups comprising of 10 members each. A questionnaire related to various situations faced by a common man was distributed among all the groups. It was followed by discussion on various legal aids provided by the Indian Government. It was an enlightening workshop for everyone.

Class: IX
Dated: 03.05.2017

SESSION 2016-2017


Assertiveness is the ability to put forth one’s point of view convincingly, with a positive attitude. It is the behavior that helps us to communicate our needs and desires, clearly and confidently, without discounting the respect of other person involved.

As a child grows up and becomes more independent, her peers play a greater role in her life. Simply owing to the fact, that children might be spending more time with their peers than their parents, influences the way they dress and act, the things they’re involved in and the attitudes they show. They are influenced by peers because they want to fit in, be like peers they admire, do what others do or have what others have. Even though peer influence is not always bad, it is this attempt to fit in, that makes it difficult for some children to sayNO, in case the peer influence is leading them in an incorrect direction and this is where assertiveness training becomes crucial.

Keeping these factors in mind, a workshop on ways of communicating effectively and assertively was conducted by the School Counselor on 27th and 28th July, 2016 for the students of Classes VI-VIII. The workshop was designed to help the students learn different forms and styles of communication. They also learnt how to say NO to negative peer pressures, how to stick to their choices and not feel guilty about it. It also helped the students to develop a sense of high self esteem. Further, the workshop also equipped the students with the skills to communicate their thoughts, opinions and feelings in an effective manner.

Class: VI – VIII Dated: 27 & 28.07.2016

SESSION 2015-16


A workshop on anger management for the students of class VI-VIII was held on 10th September 2015. It was organized by the school counselor Shreya Arora. Discussions took place on various topics related to anger, from distinction between good and bad anger, to what are the factors that trigger anger. Students’ were also explained the ways to control their anger. It was found to be a great learning experience for the young learners

Class: VI – VIII
Dated: 10.09.2015


Bhai Parmanand Vidya Mandir School in association with Ratna Sagar Pvt Ltd. organized a Management Development Programme-PRIDE i.e. Personal Responsibility in Delivering Excellence for the teachers.

It was a one day programme held on 26th June 2015. Mr. Surya Narain Bahadur, a renowned corporate trainer conducted the workshop. He impressed upon the teachers to be self motivated and lead a stress free life. He also discussed the day to day school management problems and their solutions. He also explained the Howard Gardner’s 8 intelligences theory and how it can be integrated into everyday teaching. The teachers were appraised about the importance of assessing the multiple intelligences in all the students in the classroom through simple observation and multiple intelligence test .

Overall it was a highly interactive and application based workshop.

Dated: 26.06.2015


With increased dependence on technology, kids today have shown a never satiating interest in the Internet and its usage. Various social networking sites have become a part of the lives of adolescents today. Therefore a workshop on how to make Responsible use of internet was organized for class VII and VIII by the school counselor. The workshop guided the students about internet safety and also the negative effects of internet if it is misused. It was an interactive session which the students enjoyed and simultaneously understood the ways of securing oneself on the virtual world.


An interactive workshop on “Handling Exam Stress” was held on 26th and 27th February 2015 for the students of class VI –VIII. It was organized by the School Counselor, Shreya Arora. The workshop focused on the key concepts within stress management. It aimed at making the audiences understand what exam stress is, what the common reactions to stress are and how to deal with exam stress. Students were enlightened with the ways of coping with stress, various study skills and memory enhancement strategies, which when employed, equips each child to learn, remember and reproduce better in exams. Students learnt that stress is necessary part of life and they needed to manage the pressures they faced in a better way so that it helped them in achieving their goals. The session proved to be quite beneficial for the students.

Class: VI - VIII
Dated: 26 & 27.02.2015


Our school Bhai Parmanand Vidya Mandir orgaised a workshop, focusing an women empowerment and unarmed self defense on 5th Feb 2015. Ms. Vaamaa Baldatam an economic Graduate and an expert trainer of unarmed Combat Cadet Academy demonstrated ways means of self defense to defend one self. She dealt with all the aspects of women molestation, from stalking to whistling and even various sexual harassment. She taught about various self defense techniques, and ways to combat different situations such as when a guy stares at you, passes comments, whistles, or follows you, she advised them to give him a stern look, instead of hurting his ego or overreacting, she told them not to look back, and move forward. She said if someone tries to block your way, pull the person towards yourself, pull him down, and step aside, and run. Besides these suggestions, she also presented a visual depiction of all such defensive techniques and tactics with the help of her efficient team. She also taught the girls, that by using their wrist, knuckles, fingers and legs, one can easily come out of such serious situations. Besides giving a practical demonstration all the girls were made to practice these techniques. She told the students about how to deal with different men of various physiques. She made all the girls feel confident..

Some of the safety tips that one should follow are, to be alert in the taxi or rickshaw, note taxi number and name of driver. Run in the kitchen if someone tries to enter your home unconditionally; don’t reveal your location or cell phone number on social sites or give to any stranger. Also, she made girls aware about various govt. She enlightened the girls that killing someone during self defense is not an offence.

She further motivated girls that they are strong, and can overcome any situation. At last she told about the “vith u app“ which is another safety tool.

The students should attend these kinds of workshops which are motivational and useful in today’s circumstances.

Dated: 05.02.2015


“Safety is not expensive, it is priceless”

Yes Bank in collaboration with Delhi Traffic Police conducted a ‘Road Safety’ workshop for the students of class 6th and 7th class on 17th January , 2015 in Bhai Parmanand Vidya Mandir School. The aim of this workshop was to inspire students to act responsibly on the roads and enhance respect for one’s life and that of others. The traffic police team interacted with the students raising the issues of rash – driving, drunk driving and road rage. The importance of obeying traffic rules while travelling on the roads as pedestrians was also discussed. Students were sensitized on the issue so as to make them a responsible road user.

The team tried to inculcate the sense of road safety among students and groom them up into being responsible citizens. They explained various traffic rules , road signs and signals so as to create awareness among the students . To actively engage the students , an interactive session was also organized.The students zealously participated in the discussion to seek an answer for their queries related to road safety.The team tried to resolve most of their queries.The team addressed the students at length about traffic rules , road hazards and the required awareness among the general public.

The main objective of this workshop was to develop consciousness among the school students who are future road users and infuse correct attitude in them.The team administered a road safety pledge to students and the students vowed to create awareness about road safety in their immediate surroundings.

Finally, the Principal thanked and appreciated the resource persons from Yes Bank and Delhi Traffic Police for their sincere efforts to enlighten the students on this crucial and compelling issue.

Class: VI - VII
Dated: 17.01.2015

SESSION 2014-2015


  • Craft Workshop VI-VIII            29th September,2014 -30th September,2014
  • Heritage Workshop IX-X         29th September,2014 -30th September,2014

Heritage Club in collaboration with Patel House hadorganised a Workshop on Craft for classes VI-VIII from 29th Sep,2014 to 1st Oct,2014 wherein the students learnt vivid crafts such as wall hanging and mask making. Students enjoyed doing the activity, their hidden talents were exposed. It was a wonderful learning experience.

Workshop on “Composite Culture and Heritage of India” wasorganisedfor classes IX-X on 30th Sep,2014 by a resource person from Times of India- MrPradeep Sharma Khusro. He provided the students with informative knowledge and awareness about diverse cultures of India along with different spiritual texts and their ideologies. Fascinating facts about Indian Culture Heritage attracted students attention and made them feel proud of their national identity.


An informative and interactive workshop on Stress Management was held on 26th and 27th May 2014 for all the teachers from pre- primary to 12th standard. The workshop was conducted by the School Counselors, Swati Saluja and Shreya Arora. The session was very interactive and it began with an icebreaker called ‘Fact or fiction?’ This was done by asking everyone to write on a piece of paper three things about themselves which may not be known to the other participants. Two were supposed to be facts and one a fiction. This simple activity was fun, and helped the group get to know more about each other. The definition of stress, its symptoms, causes, and effects of stress on an individual’s performance were discussed followed by a self stress assessment so that they could asses their current level of stress. Various ways to reduce and manage stress in our day to day lives were discussed. The session was closed by a relaxation exercise leaving them all the more relaxed and relieved. Teachers participated enthusiastically throughout the workshop. The session was much liked and appreciated by the staff


Everyone dreams of success. But while dreaming of success one should not forget the writhing struggle which is a quintessential element for victory. Besides developing the ability to win, one must understand that success and failure are the part and parcel of life. “Life can be made beautiful by imbibing the principles of art of living”, with these golden words the counselor commenced the workshop held in last week of May. In order to break the ice and energize all the teachers “bursting the balloons” activity was organized. No doubt the activity proved helpful in removing all inhibition amongst the participants. “Brain Gymming” and “Brain Mapping” were couple of tasks taken up for upgrading the concentration levels of the participants. A “SWOT” analysis, i.e. “strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats” was conducted to assess the overall skills of individuals.>

Following this many stress busting activities were taken up in the form of breathing and relaxation exercises. To conclude the session feedback was sought from the participants in an interesting play-way manner. All the participants left the hall with full of energy and self awareness.


An informative and stimulating workshop related to life skills was conducted from 27th May – 30th May & 26th June -28th June by facilitator Ms. Ishani from Pravah , it was a refreshing experience for the teachers where they received training on topics such as Self awareness , social skills development , sensitization towards social issues, instructional design and facilitation . They got the avenues of combining teaching with fun. The purpose of life skill curriculum is to enable a child to deal with life rather than earning a living. During workshop, teachers developed an action plan for conducting life skills session. This workshop was meant to initiate a journey that would take us beyond the classroom, outside the boundaries of twin table thus transcending the limitations of syllabi. Emphasis was laid on an overall development of students.


A workshop was conducted for girls of class VI-VIII by Proctor and Gamble to acquaint them about the hormonal changes in female’s body. They emphasized on personal hygiene and its importance through a documentary film.

Discussions veered on orienting the health educators and volunteers on good hygienic practices such as washing and cleaning, followed by precautions to be taken and dietary habits, so, as to enable them to lead a healthy reproductive life in future.

However, in most parts of the world, monthly cycle remains a taboo and is rarely talked about. Cultural practices and taboos create a negative impact on the lives of women and girls, and reinforce gender inequities and exclusion.

This workshop was successful in removing the inhibition amongst the female students regarding this natural phenomena.


Adolescence is a known as a stage of storm and stress. Some youngsters pass through this developmental period without undue stress, although many do experience difficulty. Teachers play a dynamic role in the life of an adolescent during this critical period. In this regard a sincere effort is made by the School Management to “Empower the Teachers” for supporting and guiding the young adolescents in their journey of storm and stress.

An Interactive and Stupendous journey of 2 days was travelled by the curricular and co-curricular teachers of VI to IX standard. The journey was deep and moving which led them to the planet of self awareness and personal effectiveness. The intended teachers were helped to unlock the past beliefs and generate new awareness regarding the needs of the adolescents. Further it capacitated teachers to handle the issues of emerging concept of sexuality in the school situations and crucial steps to be undertaken. Finally, workshop also covered a small piece on the importance of building internal resource in teachers to reach out to adolescents and the magnitude of rejuvenating oneself in this nerve-racking life.

Dated: 18 and 22 September, 2012 (Tuesday and Saturday) For School Teachers (VI- IX Standard)

Conducted by:- The dynamic resource persons from the field of Child Mental Health who motivated and created a world of understanding for their enthusiastic and dedicated teachers.

  • Ms. Parul Srivastav (Assistant Director- National Institute of Public cooperation and child development)
  • Ms Gunjan Sharma Freelance Consultant/Trainer (Sexuality, Gender and Reproductive Health)
  • Ms. Shikha Sehgal (School Counsellor)


An enlightening workshop was conducted on 26th July 2012 for grades VI to X in which they had all the fun that we can have with Maths. It was conducted by Mr. Mohd. Faisal, a Guinness world record holder. He showed the fusion of Mathematics and our Vedic culture into Vedic Mathematics, to introduce Vedic Mathematics to the students. He explained how to do big calculations within few seconds. Students enjoyed while he explained how to find the day when someone’s complete birth-date is given. Moreover, it was an interactive session in which students participated with great enthusiasm.


Brief Report:

An Intensive and Interactive workshop of two full days was organized by school wherein eminent resource people from the field of Child Mental Health, who have excelled in their domain, were called to deliver sessions. The intended teachers were oriented to different causes of learning and behavior problems in the children and the importance of understanding the story behind the words. Furthermore they were also equipped with various skills and strategies to deal with children in the classroom situations. Apart from this, teacher’s awareness was raised in the context of healthy communication skills and the significance of forming positive bond with Children through amusing and meaningful activities.

Dated: 29th- 30 June, 2012. For Primary School Teachers (I- V Standard)

Conducted by:
  • Ms. Parul Srivastav (Assistant Director- National Institute of Public cooperation and child development)
  • Ms. Parul Gupta (Director, Child & Adolescent Psychologist -ASD specialist at Potential)
  • Ms. Sujata Chatterjee (Student Counsellor at The Shri Ram School and Therapist)
  • Ms. Shikha Sehgal (School Counsellor)


Enhancing Team Building Skills Brief Report:

A Fun-filled and remarkable workshop of 4 hours with enthusiastic teachers that led them to a journey of self awareness and personal effectiveness. The participants were able to build deeper relationship and trust intentionally within the team. They gained importance of sharing information, receiving feedback and ways of healthy communication while working in teams. They also acquired a new perspective of valuing the strength and natural talent in each member of the team from Roles standpoint.

Dated: 26th May, 2012 For Pre- Primary School Teachers

Conducted by: Ms. Shikha Sehgal (Counsellor) If Not Punishment Than What To Do?

Brief Report: An intensive session for teachers to give perspectives regarding the various models of disciplining the children. Role plays and Case study approach gave them insight at the deep emotional level to connect with children and acknowledge their needs. Further discussion regarding the current issues in the open forum gave them an opportunity to gain and learn ideas from their peers regarding managing children in classroom, which was quite thrilling for others. Everybody felt at ease with each other and learnt healthy ways of child management.

Dated: 21st May, 2012 for Primary School Teachers

Conducted by: Ms. Shikha Sehgal (Counsellor) Introduction To Corporal Punishment

Brief Report: Teachers were able to gain an understanding regarding the Corporal Punishment from a Child Rights perspective and were able to value the school for working at the ground level for the children. They were able to collate information from group discussion and were able to understand the impact of the same from the movie stimulator.

Dated: 5th May, 2012 for Teachers- Primary School Teachers

Conducted by:Ms. Shikha Sehgal (Counsellor)