Workshops and Seminars


SESSION 2024-2025


The Training session, conducted by Ms. Prashansa Jain, Content Developer (English) at SAAR, took place at Bhai Parmanand Vidya Mandir on May 21, 2024. Attended by 40-45 teachers, the workshop focused on refining literacy instruction for K-5 students. It covered critical topics such as distinguishing between storybooks and readers, understanding phonological and phonemic awareness, and honing essential language skills. Through interactive discussions and live demonstrations of engaging games like Snap/Sound and Go Fish, teachers were equipped with practical tools to reinforce literacy concepts in the classroom effectively. Furthermore, the session delved into a comprehensive exploration of letter sounds, spelling rules, and structured progression methods, ensuring teachers had a solid foundation for phonics instruction. Recommendations emphasized the integration of these newly acquired strategies into regular teaching practices, along with utilizing provided resources such as lesson plans and answer keys. By implementing these suggestions, educators can create dynamic learning environments that foster literacy development and empower students to become proficient readers and writers. Overall, the training provided teachers with valuable insights and practical techniques to elevate their literacy instruction skills.  

Dated: 21st May, 2024



Delhi Police conducted an interactive session with the students of IX Grade on the topic of new criminal laws. The session, appraised the students about the reforms made in the existing laws pertaining to road as well as cyber safety. Various queries were raised by the students and addressed during the session. Overall, it encouraged and guided the students to be a safe and vigilant citizen.

Dated: 30th April, 2024



A classroom should be a space where happiness takes precedence, where children are always met with a smile and positivity. Keeping this in mind, an insightful CBSE capacity building workshop ‘Happy Classroom’ was conducted at Bhai Parmanand Vidya Mandir  on 27th April 2024.The Resource persons for the same were Dr Saurabh Malhotra, Principal, Gurusharan Convent, Paschim Vihar and Ms Nishtha Kwatra, PGT Economics Coordinator(CBSE). The interactive workshop aimed at making the classrooms happy and stress free for the students to enhance their learning experiences. It commenced with an introductory session of defining happiness through brainstorming technique. Various activities were conducted to make teachers locate challenges faced by them in a classroom and the possible solutions to the same. It emphasized understanding emotional intelligence, strategies for self-regulation and decoding behavioral language to achieve the target of a Happy Classroom. It focused on pathways to reach happiness like forgiveness, optimism, empathy, rational thoughts, gratitude, etc. Discussion was held on FBA (Functional Behaviour Analysis), an approach to understand the reason for misbehaviour in classrooms.The resource person stated that one must exercise the STOPP technique during situations that trigger emotions. This involves five steps-(i) S- Stop or pause for a moment, (ii) T-Take a deep breath,(iii) O-Observe your thoughts, (iv) P- Pull Back and put in some perspective, and (v) P-Practice (what works & proceed). It laid emphasis on self-control by the teacher and not labeling a child to maintain a conducive learning environment. Reducing the communication gap and motivating the students with various incentives were the other key elements of the workshop. The session concluded with the Vote of thanks proposed by the Academic Director. Overall, it was a fun-filled and enriching session with a lot of takeaways on creating Happy Classrooms.

Dated: 27th April, 2024



An interactive session on parenting tips was delivered by Ms. Anusha Tyagi, Counseling Psychologist and Consultant Expressive Arts Based Therapist at Fortis Hospital, Noida. The session was attended by parents of pre-primary students and highlighted the common parenting mistakes and tips for building positive relationships with children.

Dated: 13th April, 2024



A workshop on the topic of stream selection was conducted for the students of X Grade. It was delivered by Ms. Aditi Sharma, a senior counselor in Edu mentor for the last 5 Years. Students were made aware of the subject combinations and aligned careers. It was fruitful in providing guidance to the students for making an informed decision at the time stream selection, keeping in mind their interests and aptitude.

Dated: 1st April, 2024


SESSION 2023-2024


Video Conferencing with the Gallantry Award recipients was held on 18th September 2023 by the Defence Ministry of India. More than 200 schools participated from all over India. Our school also got this opportunity to interact with honorable recipients. It was a proud moment for us as one student of class 9th was selected to be a part of this conference. An enlightening experience for the students where they learnt so many facts about the country’s real heroes. This filled them patriotism and love for their country.

Dated:18th September, 2023


A session on developing patience was organized and conducted within the school premises by the Delhi Police, under the Student Police Cadet Programme. The students of 8th standard participated enthusiastically and got the opportunity to learn and practice patience. As a part of the session, the students were made aware of the signs of impatience, the benefits of practicing patience and ways to practice patience in life.

Dated:2nd September, 2023


It was a State Level Conference on Foundational Literacy & Numeracy which was in the backdrop of India’s Presidency of the G20 Organized under the aegis of CBSE. It was attended by 5 teachers from different subject teachers, school counselor and head of school. Sessions were arranged on NEP (Speaker: Mr. Abhishek Gupta), G20 (Speaker: Mr. Joseph Emanuel) & FLN (Speaker: Ms. Nisha Negi Singh). Along with it, there was a parallel competition as well organized for the students of grade 9 & 10 on the topic of “Best Out of Waste”. Overall, it was a great learning experience for the students as well as the teachers.

Dated:15th June, 2023


The social sciences department participated in the capacity building workshop in Social Sciences, organized by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The objective was to make the teaching of Social Science effective, relevant and fun. The main focus was to use varied approaches, resources and techniques and methodologies to generate interest among the students.

Dated: 1st & 2ndJune, 2023



It is rightly said that, “Yoga is a mirror to look at ourselves from within.” Keeping in mind the numerous benefits of Yoga, a workshop for teachers was conducted by Isha Foundation, a non-profit spiritual organization founded by Sadhguru. Various asanas were demonstrated and practiced in the two-day long workshop. The teachers were encouraged to practice Yoga to remain fit and adopt Yoga in their lifestyle to promote healthy living. The session was indeed helpful for the teachers to rejuvenate and relieve stress.

Dated: 29th & 30thMay, 2023


Teachers of the school participated in an informative, workshop on common disabilities among school students. It was delivered by School Counselors, Ms. Arushi Kataria and Yukti Rustagi. It oriented the teachers about the signs and symptoms of the various disabilities, including learning and developmental disabilities. Largely, it made them more sensitive towards catering to children with special needs.

Dated: 28th May, 2023


Bhai Parmanand Vidya Mandir School, participated in an awareness workshop on online child sexual exploitation and abuse, which is a joint initiative by Delhi High Court and Commissioner of Delhi Police. It encompassed the launch of the initiative of Cyber Awareness Interactive Videos for school students. The workshop highlighted how the widespread usage of the internet has made digital literacy the need of the hour, especially among the young children who are at potential risks and vulnerabilities. The launch of cyber awareness interactive videos provided reflections to the students, about how to navigate in the online world by undertaking essential guidelines. As a consequence students were able to gain practical tips about how to report cyber bullying, cyber stalking and other forms of online threatening and most importantly on how to safeguard them from potential, online predators.

Dated: 27th May, 2023


“A Scout is never taken by surprise; he knows exactly what to do when anything unexpected happens.” A scout and guides training was organised by Hindustan Scouts and Guides Association for the students of classes 3rd to 8th. The training focused on development of students in different domains, including physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. The training equipped the students with first aid skills, problem solving, and team building skills. To build vivid skills in students, a plethora of fun activities were conducted such as obstacle jumping, scent memory game, tightrope walking, river crossing. The training was successful in helping the students to build self-confidence and boost their self-esteem.

Dated: 2nd-8th May, 2023


Bhai Parmanand Vidya Mandir School Participated in organized an interactive and informative workshop on ‘CUET:Common Universities Entrance Test’ for grades 11-12. It was conducted by career coach, Mr.Nakul Shairwal who holds 9 years of experience in Career Counseling and has delivered career counseling sessions to more than three lakhs students till date. The students were appraised about the CUET syllabus, courses, universities and colleges accepting CUET, how to select the subjects, and how to prepare for the exam. Further, students were also provided with hands-on experience, with the kind of questions asked in the entrance exam as well as provided guidance on important dates for filling the entrance form. All the queries of the students were then addressed later in Q & A session..

Dated: 2nd-8th May, 2023


Our school participated in a workshop on Navigating Career Pathways for Gen Z organized by Global Reach and University College Dublin at Eros Hotel, Nehru Place. The workshop highlighted about the scholarship opportunities in Ireland for school students and panel discussion lead by Professor Jeremy Simpson (Dean and College Principal of Sciences, UCD), Professor Don Bredin (Finance School of Business, University College Dublin) and Mark Cuminsky (Careers and Skills Consultant, UCD) about the 21st century skills to be promoted among the students.

Dated: 6th May, 2023


A series of yoga sessions were conducted for the students of classes 6th to 12th by Isha Foundation, a non-profit spiritual organization founded by Sadhguru. In these series of workshops students were oriented about the enormous benefits of Yoga and motivated the students to implement the practice of Yoga in daily routine. The students enthusiastically practiced the various asanas under the guidance of the trained volunteers of Isha Foundation.

Dated: 3rd – 15th May, 2023

SESSION 2019-2020


Indus Quality Foundation (IQF), promoted by a few graduates of the 1972 batch of IIT-Delhi, is a non-profit organisation. IQF is inspired by the vision that India should be among the leading nations of the world. This was also prophesied by Swami Vivekananda. As children are the future of the world, IQF began as an initiative towards advancement of education on Quality Management in schools. We are fortunate that our school has been selected by this esteemed organization to help our children grow and develop their character. During the sessions that have already taken place, the children have undertaken activities such as weaving a story, mind games etc., that have helped them to learn how to control their mind and put a ceiling on their desires. We look forward to the continuation of this program, whereby the children will have an opportunity to go for excursions wherein they will learn how to meditate and grow spiritually. They will also get a chance to visit the campus of IIT and interact with the students and gain knowledge from their experiences. We are sure that by the end of this programme, our students will evolve as better human beings.


An informative workshop- WOW@ Work was organized for the teachers of classes nursery to eighth on 3rd July, 2019 in the school auditorium. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Surya Narain. The foremost aim of the workshop was to bring about a change in the attitude for a better and more positive life. The workshop began with warm up sessions followed by many interesting activities. The session was very informative and Mr. Surya Narain answered the queries of the teachers. He guided the teachers on self-care and told them to realize and work on the strengths of students rather than highlighting their weaknesses. He discussed the hindrances that obstruct the teaching and learning process. It was a highly fruitful workshop which not only guided the teachers on the professional front but also suggested them on how to overcome their personal challenges.

Dated:3rd July, 2019


A workshop was organized in the school by the Jolly Phonics team to help the teachers in devising a plan to integrate the knowledge of all the Grammar topics while teaching a particular topic at hand. It was explained to the teachers that even while reading novels and stories, the students should be motivated to look for the various parts of speech and highlight them with different colours. The resource personnel clarified how the Jolly Phonics Grammar Book serves this purpose and even strengthens the vocabulary and spelling skills of the students.

Dated:25th May, 2019


SESSION 2018-2019



Jolly Phonics workshop was organized in the school on 20th March’19 for the teachers of the English Department. After stating the three complexities of English Language, the resource personnel explained how learning can be fun. It indeed is a child-centered and fun way to learn spellings and consequently words. The resource person explained the sounds very clearly and videos were shown, too. The bottom line of the workshop was that students should not be asked to learn to read rather they should be motivated to read to learn.

Dated: 20.03.2019



A one day orientation programme for Accountancy PGTs in association with Arya Publication was organized on Saturday 7th July, 2018. The resource person for the workshop was Prof. D.K.Goel, an eminent author of various books on financial and corporate accounting. Workshop was attended by teachers from all over Delhi and NCR region.The objective of the workshop was to equip the teachers on latest changes in Accountancy. Prof. D.K.Goel also addressed the students. It was a very enriching session for the teachers as well as students.

Dated: 07.07.2019