SESSION 2023-24

“Everything is theoretically impossible, until it is done.” 


Hands-on activities help to develop cognitive and psychomotor skills of the children. As a part of Science Week, an array of activities was planned for the students and the theme was LUMINESCENCE. These activities helped the students to explore , observe and get the results on their own.

For the students of Class III, an activity Upcycled Art was conducted where the students had to combine their  creativity and environmental awareness and transform recyclable materials into artistic masterpieces.

The students of Classes IV and V were made to analyse a video of a specific scientific phenomenon, process, or experiment (Video Analysis) and were asked to perform some experiments in groups, record their observations and explain the science behind it (Mysterious Science Experiments).

The concluding day saw a Science Exhibition by the students of Classes III to X where the students presented their models and demonstrated their experiments.